Process overview

Imperial College’s Council has established a Search Committee to undertake the task of recommending to Council the next President, in accordance with Ordinance D1.

The membership of the Search Committee is:


  • John Allan, Chair of Council


  • John Cullen
  • Dr Mahnaz Safa
  • Professor Jeremy Sanders
  • Professor Ian Walmsley
  • Professor Nigel Brandon
  • Professor Michele Dougherty
  • Leila Guerra
  • Professor Emma McCoy
  • Professor Peter Openshaw


  • John Neilson

The Search Committee began the process of consulting with Imperial College London during the course of February and March, with consultations to continue into April. The process to begin to identify candidates is underway and applications will be being sought during March, April, and May. It is anticipated that the Committee will begin to consider the field of candidates during the early summer months, and it is intended that a shortlist will be identified, and formal interviews will begin, in mid-summer.